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What’s Next?

We’re going to do a flip from lasts week’s posts on longevity. What is current now? I admit most of our clients coming in our middle-aged women. They want to make a change. But what about the rest of the … Continue reading

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Sleep to Prevent Weight Gain

We talked about stress this week, and sleep goes hand-in-hand with this and is another one of those things were you can’t eat right all you want but if you’re not sleeping you’re not healthy. One-third of the population suffers … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Dr. Sharifi measures in on Protein

My dear friend, and neurologist Dr. Susan Sharifi has another wonderful guest post for you. This month the focus is on proteins. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did! Q: Doesn’t the American diet contain more … Continue reading

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Beta-carotene: provitamin A

Beta-carotene is more than its association with orange and yellow pigmented foods, this carotenoids, has some serious vitamin A potential. This week we have looked at vitamin A and antioxidants. Although vitamin A is usually found in animal origin (meat … Continue reading

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