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The Art of Living Long

To finish off this week’s theme of Longevity I will do a little book review. For several years I have had a copy of The Art of the Living Long. I love it, it’s tattered and old looking, with gold … Continue reading

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Pranayama: The Importance of Breathing

“The breath heals more than anything else in the whole wide world.” Kundalini Instrutor Gurmukh Khalsa When I first saw the Breathe of Fire I thought ‘hmm’, then I tried it and I have to admit I had a bit … Continue reading

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Kundalini Yoga

Gabrielle Bernstein introduced me to Kundalini yoga and naturally I began exploring it more, but I was really taken when I did some deeper digging for this post. So how is Kundalini different from your usual run of the mill … Continue reading

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Meditation Myths

Part of participating in the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is that I get emails, with insight articles on meditations. Which I can share with you. Today’s post is inspired by one such email. There are many fabrication and confusion with … Continue reading

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