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Chakras and Dis-Ease

Continuing on from yesterday’s post on Tapping, we’re going to take a bit of a metaphysical, alternative approach. Today we are talking about energy. We have seven different chakras, which vibrate and move at different spends in our body, starting … Continue reading

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Mental Cleanse: Inspired Sleeping

This morning after my har har meditation, I decided to click some of the recommended vlogs by Gabrielle Bernstein (she is one of my current favorites after reading Add more ~ing and following her on my social media). I right … Continue reading

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Om what?

I know the om is typical cliche let’s jest about meditation, but what is om? Why are these enlightened individuals repeating it? Why should you, why should I start practicing? Sorry but it’s going to get deep quickly. Om is … Continue reading

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Yoga and Meditation

Is it really a shocker that my exercise post I chose to relate to meditation is yoga? Yoga is a matter of physical, emotional, an mental balance. Meditation is one of yoga’s 5 principles. Because meditation can help control and … Continue reading

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Meditation Myths

Part of participating in the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is that I get emails, with insight articles on meditations. Which I can share with you. Today’s post is inspired by one such email. There are many fabrication and confusion with … Continue reading

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Meditation Challenge

I follow OWN on my YouTube channel, as happens with awareness and attraction, upon logging onto YouTube last week The Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge popped up. The title sold me alone, but further incentive for you to join: … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Silence

I come from a chatty family (both sides). Dominating passionate people, whose voices elevate with excitement about what they have to say and offer. On my mom’s sides this means talking all at once. With all this noise, is it … Continue reading

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