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Peer Week: Chelsey

In a year I’ll be a better me! She already is better. The first step to being better is to believe you are. Today I spent a radical day with my rock star friend Chelsey. I admire her outlook on … Continue reading

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Featured Food: Chicken Feet

I confess I am a bit of a freak, I have been wanting to get my hands on some chicken’s feet. Hear me out on this one, I have good reasons. I regularly make bone broths. I believe they’re a … Continue reading

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Recipes Recap

This is usually Tuesday’s theme, but since I make the calendar I can change it too! So yesterday I talked about the focus on cleaning up my eating. Here are some of the real life things I would eat and … Continue reading

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MOW: Healing Breakfast

I have been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. This week’s focus is self-love. With that my approach to breakfast was a question, “How does someone eat who loves themselves?” With that in mind I sought out to make a … Continue reading

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Benefits of Carrying Your Baby

Before all of our advances, it seems obvious that we carried our babies. Could there be actual benefits to carrying your new bundle of joy around? It seems like both mother and child can benefit from totting around your baby. … Continue reading

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Co-Sleeping Potential

I remember once hearing about Kourtney Kardashian getting criticized for sleeping with her kids. Is this a bad thing? Continuing on with children and parenting let’s look at co-sleeping and its potential benefits. it could actually help prevent SID by … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Week

I seem to be surrounded by pregnant women! First my sister-in-law, then a cousin, and now another cousin. I am just waiting for the next announcement. I love children. I love the potential of pregnancy. Not just the potential for … Continue reading

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Featured Food: Fiddleheads

I am a foodie. I love to eat food. I love to cook food. I love to take pictures of food. I love a good meal. A good dining experience. I love to learn about food. Imagine then my thrill … Continue reading

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Eating with Brittany

Today I have been a cooking maniac! After a couple days out of my groove and mountain withdrawals (there was an instance when I couldn’t even make brownies), I was back with a┬ávengeance┬átoday, cooking up a storm for my friends … Continue reading

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Featured Food: The Pumpkin

How is it November and I’m just now writing about pumpkin? Oh well, tis the season and the month of pumpkin dishes and decorations and pumpkin recipes by yours truly. This month as we begin our holiday approach I will … Continue reading

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