MOW: Stir Fry

010These pics and meals come from dad’s cooking class. They are easy and absolutely delicious. It’s amazing how just getting used to and embracing the tastes of salt and fat makes a meal that much more enjoyable.

Stir Fry

  • Steak, thinly sliced
  • Cabbage, shredded into long strips
  • Carrots, shredded into long strips
  • Celery, shredded into long strips
  • Grass-Fed Butter

To Make Thinly slice meat. Shred the vegetables, this will make it easy to eat with chopsticks. Heat butter in a skillet on medium heat. Toss in the vegetables and toss. Lastly toss in the meat. Salt to taste. Serve, it is actually that easy and it was Continue reading

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Featured Food: Geoduck

I know who are wonderfully what these are and how do you pronounce this. They are pronounced, ‘gooey-duck’. They are a type of large clam. Naturally I saw them on a cooking show, and the name stuck in my head. My curiosity got the best of me so I decided to do some digging. I do have to admit I didn’t necessarily find the information I was looking for, but I realized I’d seen it on Anthony Bourdain and Bizarre Foods.

I know they don’t look that appealing, but supposedly they are quite delicious, Asian cultures have really taken a fancy with them (notably China and Japan). Here though they’re still a delicacy or a Northwest tradition. Oh yeah, that’s where they harvest geoduck, along the Northwest coast of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and British Columbia. There is also a lot of controversy surrounding this mollusk (think of it a large clam), from poaching to farming to sustainability. I however was Continue reading

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Mmm…Love Food

This actually comes from my father (I think they may be one of the first if not the first things that he has written for the blog) with a little inspiration from Miguel Ruiz:

Food is love and when we enjoy our food, when we really taste it it and feel the texture, it is one of the most sensual experiences we can have. There is so much love in the action of eating, and if we use a new mantra every time we eat, we increase the pleasure. The mantra is just one sound: mmmm. If we practice loving our food every time we eat, soon it becomes a habit. It becomes a ritual that we use to give our thanks to express our love and to receive love without resistance.


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Get Outside

This week we’ve started to doing kettlebells outside with mom’s classes (the Love My Kettlebells on the middle right side), but dad and I always did our kettlebells at the park in Colorado or we were hiking out in the wilderness somewhere. Besides it being absolutely gorgeous right now, there are some other benefits to going outside

  • More workout in less time. Yep if you’re short on time you’re better to hit the pavement than the gym. You exert more. I hate running on treadmills to start, but I definitely get more out of my sprints if I’m outside. Plus you have to adapt more. Can you run downhill on a treadmill? This adaption let’s you work and strengthen more muscles, and your joints. Just think of it like vitamins or really anything synthetic or man-made, are you going to get as good a workout on a simulation or the real thing? I like to be outside I vote for real.
  • More likely to stick to it. They show that those who exercise outdoors, exercise longer and more often. Continue reading
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Run with Your Heart Instead of Your Legs

This beautiful lady is my dear friend Mary Auten. She recently completed the Mini in Indianapolis and I wanted to share her experience participating as a fat-burner versus competing as a sugar burner. Here are her own words:

My experiences this year at the 500 Mini Marathon as a Fat-Burner was like flying. Being a Fat-Burner gave me the ease and confidence of pacing myself and finishing strong with no fear of ever “hitting the wall.”

“Run with your Heart instead of your legs.” Inspirational quote from the bck of a T-shirt participating in the Mini.

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MOW: Breakfast Burrito


  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1/8 tsp baking powder
  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 tbsp coconut milk
  • coconut oil

To Make: Heat coconut oil on a medium heat in a large flat skillet. mix all the ingredients, I added parsley too. Pour into the skillet making sure it spreads out nice and thin. Flip very gently. Meanwhile cook eggs. Layer tortilla with eggs and homemade salsa. Go breakfast burrito!


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Featured Food: Chicken Feet

I confess I am a bit of a freak, I have been wanting to get my hands on some chicken’s feet. Hear me out on this one, I have good reasons. I regularly make bone broths. I believe they’re a great source of trace minerals, but also they are soothing and healing to the gut. The modern diet and gluten intolerance’s tears the gut up, literally they call it Leaky Gut. Do you want the stuff in your intestines squeezing out into the rest of your body? Gross. I believe my grandpa with his Celiac’s really should use more broths. I have only gotten one batch of really gelatinous broth (further testament to the freak I am is that I celebrated and showed everyone how proud and happy I was about my jiggly broth), and that was with oxtail (which of course my farmer didn’t have anymore of when I was ready for another batch). Cue in chicken feet and my eagerness to get my hands on some. They make a bomb gelatinous broth.

What does this mean for your health and why am I so excited about lumpy broth? Collagen is the key word here. Raise your hands if you want functioning joints and beautiful skin. Broth made with feet has the amino acids (proline, glycine and hydroxyproline) which are vital for collagen production. Gelatin is derived from Continue reading

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Sweating it Out Together: WOD for a Cause

043Exercise day, today I will continue on with some of my past week experiences. Tab has been doing crossfit since November. In January I attended my first Crossfit event (click here to find out the details). Sunday I went with Tab as they threw down a WOD for a cause. A couple belonging to the gym are aspiring to adopt a baby. So the members came, donated, and sweated it out together and I watched in awe of the comrodery. I will reiterate what I loved the last time I went to a crossfit event was the encouragement. It is like a family unit. They are all motivating and cheering for each other. Even though they’re focused on doing their best, they want their fellow crossfitters to do the same. Putting yourself all out there and all into a workout no matter if your fitness level is motivating and true human nature, of wanting the best for others wins out. Plus the endorphins kick in afterward and you’re really soaring. It was cool just to experience from the side lines. I’m a big believer in community and positive vibes and I get that from crossfit. It is a breeding ground of 100% and giving your all. Again, just do your best! Enjoy some of the pics I took at the event.

061 Continue reading

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Recipes Recap


This is usually Tuesday’s theme, but since I make the calendar I can change it too! So yesterday I talked about the focus on cleaning up my eating. Here are some of the real life things I would eat and make on daily basis when I am nutrient focused. I eat eggs at least once a day if not more. They’re a super food and packed with nutrient powerhouses. I usually scramble them, but this week I have been melting down a little coconut oil and making them sunny. A salt, a spice with a little kick and I am almost set. Spoon a teaspoon of bacon jam (a recipe I’m working on for my upcoming food blog Bliss Delish) mixed with the runny yolks and these eggs are bomb. So good! Continue reading

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Building a Healthy Team

This right here is my girl Tabitha, whom you will probably be seeing more of in the next month. She has been with me from high school through our party years to the present maturing adults we’re settling into. Why is she here? Tab has been doing Crossfit and her trainer asked her to do a month of strict Paleo (how awesome is this timing since I just covered The Paleo Answer this week!). I volunteered to do it with her. It is an opportunity for me to be more aware, to pay even closer attention because I am the first to admit that I did not do my best the first three months of the year. It’s not about being perfect for a month, it’s about focusing on doing the best I can for that long. More importantly it is something we can do together, to grow and become not only healthier but better in general.

Sunday I talked about building healthy communities, and I’m all about energy. Why not mesh the two in the forefront of your life. Radiate some radical energy and create a positive healthy environment around you. Starting with friends (or partners or parents or whomever). Up your awareness and make the choice to focus on yourself and to practice a little more self love. See what habits have brought you to this point in your love. Be brutally honest with yourself. How has destructive thoughts run your life? What do you want to change? How can you do this? Focus energy not on what you don’t like, but what you do want. Next bring others in with you. Tab and I had the conversation in which we pondered how she could get another person to be more motivated. My thoughts: We all make our own decisions in life. Continue reading

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