About Jim

Jim is the child bearer, the proud father of this Body Change idea. A man burning bright with passion, at the age of 40 he became aware that he was dying. Alright he can be dramatic, but truly he could not climb into his tree stand, he was tipping the scales over 300 pounds and his lifestyle really was driving him further toward the grave (as he’d say he was on the path to becoming a downer). While wandering around the book store one day he found a weight loss book and transformed his own body. Along the way his family joined in with him and before long others were beginning to notice all the transformations. Eventually he got his first client, and Body Change began cranking out body transformations and walking billboards, so that the business began to blossom and expand.

Over the years the program and Jim developed and grew, as he came to realize more truths and strategies to maximize the health of his clientele. He became aware that his passion in life was to teach people how to change their thoughts, to change their bodies for good. He began taking on obese clients, spending years with them to change their habits. He now consults with me, Brittany, guiding me on setting up my own location and volunteerly lending his services. He has a commitment for changing bodies, as well as a love for cooking. Cooking is one of his skills to master, he shines in teaching the art of healthy cooking.

He is a great inspiration, and the only person I know who has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for over a decade. I think that in itself speaks volumes and is proof enough that the Body Change program works. Lose weight, keep it off, and live a long healthy life; that is what Body Change is about!

Contact Me for Coaching: (812) 234-9136

jim before jim after

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