Body Change is the idea of this man right here, James Paulin (my father). Over a decade ago he realized his life was slowly killing him. After losing over 100 pounds (which he has kept off for over 12 years), he went on to change thousands of bodies in the Wabash Valley. Now him and my mother, Susan have helped me venture out to set up my own weight loss business: BodyChange.Net based in Colorado Springs. The BodyChange.Net commitment is to:

To serve the community to the Best

Of our abilities.

A Passion to Teach

Health and Fitness

 A purpose in Life to help Extend

Other’s Lives

We start out with One-on-One Sessions

BodyChange.Net is more than any gym and exceeds just being a weight loss program. We are a community and family. Dedicated to serving and extending lives. We are passionate about changing lifestyles. To do so, our month package offers:

 2 Body Analysis

1 Cooking Class

4 Kettlebell Lessons

4 Eating Program Lessons

Inspirational Talk

Our Coaches will Create a Super Fat-Burner Body

2 Responses to About

  1. Ronda Starkey Voorhees says:

    I just had to tell you that I love this fat burner eating plan(I know better than to ever say diet lol..) I started at 156 I know big but just could not lose the weight after my 4th baby. I tried EVERYTHING not eating, low carb, low calorie, soup diets, cleanses I am assuming you get the point. I started this Fat Burner and the weight and inches has been flying off. I am not cheating at all!!!!!!!!!!! I have went from 156 to 135 in just under 2 weeks. It is coming off sooooo fast that even my husband and kids have noticed.(which usually the do not when a gradual loss) My skin looks great thanks to the olive oil and fish oil. I am comig to my moms in April and plan on stocking up on your fish oil and olive oil. I am having my mom buy me kettle bells from you for my B-day. Oh, and another thing I have no cravings ever!!! And no PMS which I normally have really bad!! My mom sent your info of the plan in the mail to me and I also read things you post on this site. Just wanted to share the success I am having! Thank you. You guys are the best! See you in April.

    • bodychangetrainers says:

      Thanks for the post that’s great to hear! You’re a great example and we’re proud of your change! Keep it up

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