Peer Week: Chelsey

036In a year I’ll be a better me!

She already is better. The first step to being better is to believe you are. Today I spent a radical day with my rock star friend Chelsey. I admire her outlook on life. To experience life. I tell her I saw some blackberry bushes on my way to her house, so we ended up biking to them and picking some for her basket. Eight miles later on our bikes, we ended up back home to enjoy a refreshing post bike frozen fruit smoothie. Follow that up with some light yoga stretching and we had a radical day. She is a country girl- check out her garden it’s awesome. She graciously let me finish up our visits with questions. Thank you!

Me: What do you consider to be ideal health?

Chelsey: Feeling good about yourself and eating healthy foods.

Me: How do you think the future health of our country looks?

Chelsey: It’s not going to get better. The government makes money when people are sick. That is why certain diseases have no ‘cures’. We buy food for the name brand. It’s commercialized too much. We need to be eating more natural food, although I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a bacon cheeseburger sometimes.017

Me: Are we lazy or do we not know how to cook?

Chelsey: Both. I don’t know how to make certain things or I’ll get bored, so grabbing something is a lot easier. Especially after a 12 hour shift I don’t want to come home and cook dinner for an hour.

Me: Do you think part of this is because cooking, family dinners, and grandma’s home-cooked meals are fading?

Chelsey: Yes, I never even had that. I was raised with a single mom and we ate out a lot.

Me: Is lifestyle a factor? Are we too busy?

Chelsey: Women used to not work. Now women work and kids have soccer and we’re 035constantly traveling. There’s no time.

Me: How do we correct it? Do people want to change?

Chelsey: I think if people knew what life is like with better things they would like it, but I don’t think everyone wants a change.

Me: Do you think food addiction is real?

Chelsey: Yes, definitely.

Me: How do you think Media affects our idea of health and body image?

Chelsey: It makes everyone feel like crap. The media controls how they think America should look. Even healthy people who but look fine start to think they’re ‘ugly’ or ‘fat.’

Me: How has the media effected you in this way?

Chelsey: It’s not so much media, but I’m not happy with the way I look now because I compare myself to how I looked when I was smaller.

Me:Thoughts on exercise?

Chelsey: The country definitely doesn’t do enough exercise. I love PULSE, but it’s a little 019too full when I go. I love yoga, although my instructor moved away. Rowing machines, I like rowing machines.

Me: Stress, is it detrimental to health?

Chelsey: Yes!

Me: How do you cope?

Chelsey: Medications.

Me: Could you deal without the medication?

Chelsey: Not with my job, no.

Me: What about Sleep?Is it important?

Chelsey: Yes! At least 8 hours. I like 9 hours. It’s so hard to get up if I don’t get enough.

Me: Where do you see/want your future health to be like? How does it feel? What does it look like?

Chelsey: I need to get in better physically and mentally. I need to be eating better. I need to be more active throughout the week. It’s hard to be active after working 12 hours.

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2 Responses to Peer Week: Chelsey

  1. jsresults says:

    GO CHELSEY!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW I love your first two lines “She already is better. The first step to being better is to believe you are” This is 100% spot on 🙂

  2. lebandjile says:

    You’re right: believe in you and you reach more goals. But, you shoot yourself with smartphone, #Biiwatch

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