Peer Week: Jenna and Samm

020When I thought about writing a peer week, I wanted to make sure I got a variety of people. With different outlooks, different pasts. I did not want people like me. I wanted opinions. I wanted individuals. There is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions and I wanted people to tell me their honest opinions and not what they thought I wanted to hear or what an audience would want to here. Health is dynamic and what we focus on and like will vary from person-to-person. Today I focused on friendship and the health outlook. Yesterday I featured Tabitha, today I spoke with her sister and my cousin Jenna. Consider there like upbringing the answers I got from Tab and Samm were completely different.  I love there outlook on the importance of a positive outlook on life. They’re so right. Your thoughts reflect on the outside, including health. So here we go, into the thoughts of two college early-twenty something girls.

Me: How would you define health or ideal health?

Samm and Jenna: It is the inside rather than an outside reflection. If you feel healthy, then it is going to show on the outside. You will be healthy.

Me: What do you think this country’s future looks like?

Jenna and Samm: I think it will be consumed with a more material outlook. Not taken as seriously. More diseased.

Me: What is a healthy diet? Do you think what we eat matters?

Samm and Jenna: Yes it matters but you shouldn’t have to drive yourself away from something because you don’t think it’s good for you. If I die tomorrow I’m going to eat as many cookies as I want.  016

Me: Do you think what you do today effects your future health?

Jenna and Samm: Yes. It’s a fact.

Me: Do you think food can be preventative?

Samm and Jenna: Oh yes.

Me: Do people want to be healthy? Do we truly want to change and be healthy?

Jenna and Samm: Yeah but it’s a matter of fact whether they want to do it or not. They can think “I want to lose ten pounds”, but then they never take any action.

Me: How you think the media affects our thoughts on health and body image?

Samm and Jenna: I definitely think they make us focus on the outside. The physical rather than the mental aspect.

Me:  How has it affected you? How have your thoughts on this evolved?

Jenna and Samm: It will always have an impact. I will have to make a change eventually because I won’t always be able to do what I’m doing now, all the time. Samm: Not really, because I am happy with myself, for now I don’t really care.

Me: Do you think food is addictive?

Samm and Jenna: Yeah!

Me: Is it because we are not educated, or that we are not being told?

Jenna and Samm: Mind over matter, we choose what to be addicted to. Boom! I second that (Jenna).022

Me: What are ways to be healthy, besides eating?

Jenna and Samm: Exercising, laughing (Me: awesome answer!) enjoying life. Being positive.

Me: Sleep?

Samm and Jenna: I like it, but not too much at least 6 to 8 hours.

Me:  Stress? How should we manage stress?

Jenna and Samm: Yes, but it’s up to you how you manage your stress. How do you manage: Exercise. Being with friends. Anything positive.

Me: Exercise? How often? What types?

Samm and Jenna: Up to the person. I personally don’t believe in working out till your face falls off. Spending time with friends and family. But if it’s what you love, do it. Types if you do exercise? Zumba cause I like to dance. Bike rides on a nice.

Me: Advice to someone wanting to become healthy?

014Jenna and Samm: You can only do what you’re going to do. Do it, stop talking.

Me: What do you envision for your future health? What does it look like? How does it feel?

Samm and Jenna: Still a little fit. Mentally and physically I just want to be happy with what I’m doing.

Me: Can we (U.S.) change our future health course and if so how?

Jenna and Samm: Yes but it is up them. Individuals have to want it.


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3 Responses to Peer Week: Jenna and Samm

  1. jsresults says:

    Beautiful Thing!

  2. great dialog on this post. Thanks for writing it.

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