Peer Week Interviews: Tabitha

‘Health is a lifestyle, not a 60 minute quick-paced fix’ ~Tabitha Wood026

I had a blast interviewing my beyond awesome friend Tabitha Nicole. A 25-year old, ICU nurse, Crossfitter. We sat down, dug deep and enjoyed some photo fun! Here we go:

Me: How would you define health or ideal health?

Tabitha: Active, healthy eating, always striving to improve. Health is a constant and not something instantly obtained.

Me: What do you think this country’s future looks like?

Tabitha: I think it’s declining because Americans want fast, easy, and cheap. That’s why McDonald’s is a multi-billion dollar company. We value time. We’ll take the 3 minute drive-thru over 20 minutes to make a meal.

Me: How has our perspective on eating changed?

Tabitha: We’re always busy. The wife used to stay at home, but now it takes two working. Parents come home tired, so it is easier to throw on a pizza or go through McDonald’s. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a Tombstone Frozen Pizza on occasion, but eating processed dinners 6 days a week is a problem.

Me: Do you think the art of cooking and the experience of dinning is dying? Is it lost on this and the next generation?

Tabitha: Yes.027

Me: Do you think what you do today effects your future health?

Tabitha: Yes.

Me: Do you think food can be preventative?

Tabitha: Definitely. Take diabetes for instance. This can lead to renal failure, a loss of eye sight, and eventually ulcers. How you treat your body effects yourself in your 50’s and 60’s. Bottom-line.

Me: Do people want to be healthy? Do we truly want to change and be healthy?

Tabitha: We don’t want to put in the effort. It’s a lifestyle. Something you live. Like a roller coaster. Some days are good, some are bad and you can’t get cookies off your mind. But you have to keep practicing.

Me: How you think the media affects our thoughts on health and body image?

Tabitha: The media portrays that we should look one way, which can be negative to us. Everyone’s body type is different. We feel we are expected to fit this one ideal perfect image. When we don’t, we feel like we have failed. We think, “What’s the point?” Let’s grab a McDonald’s hamburger!

032Me:  How has it affected you? How have your thoughts on this evolved?

Tabitha: It used to make me feel bad. Learning about health and body types, I know I will never be 6’2” with skinny legs. Right Now I focus and work on me, in the present moment. Which I still struggle with sometimes.

Me: How do you cope or overcome when you are struggling?

Tabitha: I look at pictures. Especially after joining CrossFit. I don’t focus on the weight any more. Even though my weight hasn’t changed, my clothes are smaller. I look better in photos now than pictures in October. I see the physical changes. This is real life. There are good days and bad. When I have a bad day, I move forward.

Me: What do you consider healthy eating?

Tabitha: A balance of lean meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and very minimal sweets (cookies, milkshakes, ice cream, cookies).

Me: Do you think food is addictive?

Tabitha: Yes. Me: Do you think we don’t take it seriously? No because it is not classified as a drug.

Me: Is it because we are not educated, or that we are not being told?

Tabitha: We are not educated to know that sugar lights up pleasure sensors like drugs. America doesn’t value health. We value time and convenience.

Me: What are ways to be healthy, besides eating?

Tabitha: Water intake. I have been focusing to make sure I drink more water. Skin. I still 031using tanning beds, but I still don’t go every day. Stress, we need to decrease it and focus on how we handle stress. Mental health is just as important as physical.

Me: Sleep?

Tabitha: Sleep is very important. The body heals when we rest. Without enough, we allow for more stress hormones. If you’re tired and say you don’t feel like working out. Don’t work out, your body is telling you, you need rest. GO HOME.

Me:  How should we manage stress?

Tabitha: Whatever clears your head. Soak in the tub, watch stupid TV, jog, do yoga. I exercise.

Me: Why CrossFit?

Tabitha: Constant variation. Each day is different. It prevents boredom. We are a family, motivating each other. At the gym we are easily bored with the same routine. Plus 99% of the time we are there solo with no one to push us. If you do the work, Cross Fit will show. The results will make you addicted.

Me: Advice to someone wanting to become healthy?

Tabitha: Work on small goals. You can’t wake up and just eat chicken and broccoli. Don’t be mad when you don’t lose 10 pounds in a month. I struggle with patience. Be realistic. Do what you like. If you hat to run, don’t! Go for a swim. Get a bike. Pick up a jump rope.

Me: What would you change about your own health/body if anything?

Tabitha: I would love to be leaner, but that takes time. It won’t happen overnight. I didn’t develop layers of adipose tissues overnight (insert giggle from me, I love this girls bluntness). Try to eat as natural as possible.

Me:  Define what lean means to you?

Tabitha: A decrease in body fat. Probably something like 13-14%.

Me: What do you envision for your future health? What does it look like? How does it feel?

Tabitha: I will never stop exercising. I realize my body will only handle CrossFit for a few years, but I will never stop exercising. I will do it while I am pregnant.

Me: What future do you see for any potential children you’ll have?

Tabitha: I will not feed them processed foods. I plan on cooking and detour them from the addictions of high sugar.

Me: Can we (U.S.) change our future health course and if so how?

Tabitha: We’ll have to change the amount of processed foods. We need to change what we value. If change from evaluating time and convenience over health. Otherwise we won’t change or learn to cook natural foods.

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