What’s Next?

We’re going to do a flip from lasts week’s posts on longevity. What is current now? I admit most of our clients coming in our middle-aged women. They want to make a change. But what about the rest of the population? What about my generation? What about my peers? I have to say each decades brings it’s own concerns. I personally believe in the 20-something era we are focused more on the physical. Once we get older we can’t keep up like we used to or we get comfortable in our lives- complacent or we’re on the decline. We’re more at risk for disease or we’re already chalking up our list of medications. But at 25 the risk seems far away. We’re trying to establish ourselves or make ourselves look smoking hot to attract the love of our lives. We’re trying to start families. We want to be young wild and free. But what does our future look like?Look how much our health has changed the last 50 years. How medications, processed foods, and a lack of movement has taken over. We have become busy! We’re too busy to exercise. Or we’re the opposite, we exercise too much. We don’t have time to fix meals (that is if we even know how to cook). We have lost the experience of eating. Of sitting and socializing over a meal. Of quality family dinners. Of asking, ‘How was your day.’ We’re losing the traditional of passing along our grandparents home cooked meals. Things come pre-made or boxed already. Who cooks from scratch, let alone know how. We are constantly connected. Sometimes this connection and exposure leads us feeling inadequate or competitive. We want to be perceived in a certain light. We feel pressure from the media and marketing to look a certain way. We let others define beauty for us. We have lost true health in our busyness and endeavors to be skinny. We’re starving ourselves or gorging ourselves to fit some bullshit mold. We’re jacked up let’s face it. The countries in a downward spiral. Diseases are on the rise. Our risks of disease is crazy. Our children’s risks are nuts. Childhood obesity and diabetes is scary. I think my peers and I’s future is sketchy if not worse than our current state.

How will we change this? How do we view it now? Do we think it’s a problem? Do we think it affects us? Do we need to change? Do we want to change? How would we make it better? How has the media effected us? How do we feel about body image? Are health problems already there? Where are we going? Are we scared? What do we want? How do we struggle? How do we thrive? How are we united? How are we different?

What is coming next? This week I scope out a group of my peers to ask these questions. To dig deep and try to get some insight of the health of the next generation. Stick with me for some varying inputs (it’s nice to share a point of view besides my own).

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