The World’s Oldest

Yesterday I explored longevity a bit, so naturally this spiked my curiosity about the world’s oldest people (they actually say we could live to be 120 to 160 years old) Hence the picture of this woman: Jeanne Calment. This pic says to me, ‘yep I’m a bad a** and I lived to 122, say something’. What did I learn in my digging about the keys to longevity. I’m going to use a Faith Hill song here, ‘The secret to life is there ain’t no secret.’ Jeanne broke all kinds of rules to health. But I do think she had a big thing going for her:

If you can’t do anything about it, don’t worry about it.

She was said to be immune to stress, which I think really helped her push to be the oldest recorded person. You see the same thing with the oldest living American Sarah Knauss, who also had a very chill demeanor. Back to Jeanne. Could you imagine live in 3 centuries? She was raised in Arles, France, where she met Vincent Van Gogh at one built and saw the Eiffel Tower built. Pretty awesome right? But marrying a pretty-well to-do store owner, allowed her a little more freedom. Freedom to take up tennis and rolling skating and swimming and biking (which she did until she was 100). Also she took up fencing at the age of 85 (hello that is awesome). But she was not really an athletic, health fanatic like we seem to be. Fitness obsessed, watching everything that goes into our bodies, hitting the gym, hitting the pavement. Calment was a smoker and she ate an average of 2 pounds of chocolate a week (note Sarah Knauss loved her some chocolate turtles). She did however use olive oil splendidly. Putting it on her skin, drinking it, and cooking with it.

So the oldest woman had moderate exercise, ate chocolate, and smoked. However she was not a victim to stress and she was an olive oil fanatic. Secrets from the worlds oldest? Don’t sweat life!

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