Get Outside

This week we’ve started to doing kettlebells outside with mom’s classes (the Love My Kettlebells on the middle right side), but dad and I always did our kettlebells at the park in Colorado or we were hiking out in the wilderness somewhere. Besides it being absolutely gorgeous right now, there are some other benefits to going outside

  • More workout in less time. Yep if you’re short on time you’re better to hit the pavement than the gym. You exert more. I hate running on treadmills to start, but I definitely get more out of my sprints if I’m outside. Plus you have to adapt more. Can you run downhill on a treadmill? This adaption let’s you work and strengthen more muscles, and your joints. Just think of it like vitamins or really anything synthetic or man-made, are you going to get as good a workout on a simulation or the real thing? I like to be outside I vote for real.
  • More likely to stick to it. They show that those who exercise outdoors, exercise longer and more often.
  • Lower levels of cortisol. Oh we’ve talked about cortisol often, your fight or flight stress hormone, which your body needs but chronically elevated levels cause inflammation and wreak havoc. Most of us already have busy, stressful lives, why not exercise and not push these levels further than what’s good for us.
  • Mood. They call it forest bathing, where just 5 minutes can boost your mood. Who doesn’t want to be happier, especially while they’re exercising.
  • Sunlight and potential vitamin D (food is still a great way to get D, but a little more sunlight helps too)

I think that’s good enough for now. So what’s the harm in getting outside in this nice weather and doing your exercise. You risk being happier, physically and mentally better, less stressed, you’re more likely to stick to an exercise routine and you’ll get some sun!

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2 Responses to Get Outside

  1. I would love to be outside and see beautiful scenery. It must be wonderful to do your exercises in Colorado. Great post and keep up the fitness.

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