Sweating it Out Together: WOD for a Cause

043Exercise day, today I will continue on with some of my past week experiences. Tab has been doing crossfit since November. In January I attended my first Crossfit event (click here to find out the details). Sunday I went with Tab as they threw down a WOD for a cause. A couple belonging to the gym are aspiring to adopt a baby. So the members came, donated, and sweated it out together and I watched in awe of the comrodery. I will reiterate what I loved the last time I went to a crossfit event was the encouragement. It is like a family unit. They are all motivating and cheering for each other. Even though they’re focused on doing their best, they want their fellow crossfitters to do the same. Putting yourself all out there and all into a workout no matter if your fitness level is motivating and true human nature, of wanting the best for others wins out. Plus the endorphins kick in afterward and you’re really soaring. It was cool just to experience from the side lines. I’m a big believer in community and positive vibes and I get that from crossfit. It is a breeding ground of 100% and giving your all. Again, just do your best! Enjoy some of the pics I took at the event.

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