Building a Healthy Team

This right here is my girl Tabitha, whom you will probably be seeing more of in the next month. She has been with me from high school through our party years to the present maturing adults we’re settling into. Why is she here? Tab has been doing Crossfit and her trainer asked her to do a month of strict Paleo (how awesome is this timing since I just covered The Paleo Answer this week!). I volunteered to do it with her. It is an opportunity for me to be more aware, to pay even closer attention because I am the first to admit that I did not do my best the first three months of the year. It’s not about being perfect for a month, it’s about focusing on doing the best I can for that long. More importantly it is something we can do together, to grow and become not only healthier but better in general.

Sunday I talked about building healthy communities, and I’m all about energy. Why not mesh the two in the forefront of your life. Radiate some radical energy and create a positive healthy environment around you. Starting with friends (or partners or parents or whomever). Up your awareness and make the choice to focus on yourself and to practice a little more self love. See what habits have brought you to this point in your love. Be brutally honest with yourself. How has destructive thoughts run your life? What do you want to change? How can you do this? Focus energy not on what you don’t like, but what you do want. Next bring others in with you. Tab and I had the conversation in which we pondered how she could get another person to be more motivated. My thoughts: We all make our own decisions in life. The other person has to want to/decide to change. We cannot make that choice for them no matter how much we want the best for them. I found this on my Pinterest the other day and it is perfect: We cannot change others, we can only love them. Also I’ve found when I am rocking out life. When I’m really focused and giving it my all. 100% of myself all of the time. When I am being the best that I can in a moment, that is what motivates change not only myself to change but it can possible influence others. Tab agreed when I eat well it encourages her and vice versa, she motivates me.

I confess my transition back to Indiana was not a smooth one. I often times felt myself struggling with my thoughts. I did not give that 100% all of the time. And I believe our outside worlds revolve the inside and my thoughts at the beginning of the year were fighting a freaking war. But the wonderful thing about life and choices is we can always change. We can make a different decision. Lately I have felt on fire. I feel (choose to be) happy. I love myself unconditionally again and I am going to take care of myself from this perspective. As a result my eating has gotten better and better, more nutritious with each meal. I’ve been making the most of the times I get to fuel my body: more bone broth, more vegetables, the best fats, etc. So mentally prepare and allow yourself to be the best version of yourself. Start with your thoughts, that is how we truly change. Don’t live in the past with your friend regret, or in the future when you tell yourself, I’ll be happy when….. Do it now. Live, love, and take control of your health today. It starts with one step.

Find someone on your energy level and thrive off each others vibes. Create a healthy relationship. Change habits together. Be open because you’re probably experiencing similar feelings. Help each other, be a willing ear to talk to. Tab and I have spent the last week grocery shopping, fixing dinner, and eating meals together. Not only have we been able to spend more quality time together, but we feel better. We get to be creative and self-sufficient as we put together new meals and dining experiences. We may be on separate journeys, but we get to do it along side one another. Making each other better, making healthy choices, starting with loving ourselves, as well as each other.

So make a choice. One for yourself and find someone with enthusiastic positive energy to join with you. Build a healthy team. When you start to get down on yourself remember to just do your best, there isn’t anything more you can do than that.

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