Featured Food: Caviar

I have never had the black caviar pictured here before (it is pricey), but I have had fish roe before and I have to say I liked it. These little pearls popping in my mouth. Technically it is fish roe from sturgeon. Basically it’s a fancy way of saying fish eggs. If you can get your hands on some or want to give yourself an indulgent delicacy I say try it.

Potentially Goodness of Caviar:

  • vitamin A
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • omega-3
  • vitamin D
  • Got a hangover? The acetylcholine is said to help out
  • Arginine is a vascular dilator=increased blood flow

You had me at vitamin A and D, and then you throw in omega-3 and this is a winner!


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