Benefits of Carrying Your Baby

Before all of our advances, it seems obvious that we carried our babies. Could there be actual benefits to carrying your new bundle of joy around? It seems like both mother and child can benefit from totting around your baby. Here are some reasons why you consider more carrying:

  • Easier to breastfeed
  • Support and reassurance
  • The constant movement allows the brain’s center for motion and balance control to develop (the vestibular system)
  • Less crying and happier babies (and I would think parents too)
  • Improve attachment
  • Promotes a bond because of increased oxytocin
  • Lowers risk of postpartum depression
  • Less stress
  • Improves baby’s pain tolerance
  • Convenient because you’re not worried about maneuvering and not running into anything
  • ‘Weightlifting’ for the parent
  • For toddlers it can soothe and comfort them, especially in a world that can be over-stimulating and overwhelming for a young tot
  • It can benefit all of the family: dad, grandparents, an especially awesome aunt
  • More economical because it costs less than strollers and other carrying methods
  • It makes you more acutely aware of your baby’s cues and signaling (further more increasing your bond)
  • The importance of touch
  • Increased socialization. Rather than hiding out, they’re able to get out there and soak up the world.

What can it hurt to do a little carrying. Its fun and beneficial for you and baby!




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