Co-Sleeping Potential

I remember once hearing about Kourtney Kardashian getting criticized for sleeping with her kids. Is this a bad thing? Continuing on with children and parenting let’s look at co-sleeping and its potential benefits.

  • it could actually help prevent SID by keeping the baby from enter too deep of a sleep state. Or the mother may notice sooner if the baby’s breathing changes. The parents breathing could also help the baby ‘remember’ to breathe
  • the closeness to a parent helps their nervous systems self-regulate while sleeping
  • Better sleep! This is beneficial to parent and baby. The baby and mother don’t have to fully wake up, because the baby gets tended to sooner. This is beneficial to the baby’s stress system too, compared to babies who wake up in a separate room, who have to wake up fully and stress more to get attention.
  • This means increased breastfeeding and oxygen flow (good for growth and immunity).
  • More caregiving
  • More attention and protective care
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Close family bonds
  • children who co-sleep are more likely to develop independence sooner
  • These kids can also have higher self-esteem and are more comfortable with intimacy
  • A study in England showed that children who never slept with their parents tended to be harder to control, less happy, more tantrums, and more fearful.

This seems pretty impressive to me. Not only are you developing a bond with your child, but you’re sleeping better and your child will continue to benefit later on in life. For the most part it is relatively safe as well. Of course this depends on the parent and environment as (a sober, smokeless parent and a nice bed). If you don’t always have them sleep in the bed, sharing a room seems to be a good idea, so your baby will stress less, and you’ll both sleep better.


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  1. I loved reading this! We’ve been co sleeping with our son since he was born, I love all the benefits of it! If you’d ever like to check out my blog on attachment parenting, it’s


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