Close Your Eyes: Blindfolded Exercise

Today I am interrupting all the baby talk, to bring this week’s exercise post. Have you ever tried lifting with your eyes closed or blindfolded? Several years ago we used to practice this at the gym, but Friday I decided to reintroduce it to my at-home kettlebell session.

Why in the world would someone want to workout blindfolded, isn’t that dangerous? Obviously the big bonus here is the connection to your body. Take away your eyesight and your other senses pick up. There is less distraction, things popping in and out of your peripheral. There is you, your breathing and the movement. You feel it more. I closed my eyes and just focused on my windmills. Focused on the depth, on the shoulder rotation, on my breathing, on the stretch. Sure it may test your equilibrium, but it can only benefit you to try it out. Maybe try a different movement, and use lighter weights. Center your thoughts on what your body is doing. Focus on each movement. Do a push-up, sit-up, squats, whatever you’d like. Merely close your eyes, or cut off all temptation with a blindfold.

Think of the visualizations you here about. The repetitiveness of doing something with your eyes closed. It becomes second nature. My dad is a pro at shooting his bow with his eyes open, but he really wants to connect to pulling back his bow, he does it blindfolded. Sometimes I swap senses. Sometimes when I walk, I drawn out the sound. I am left with feeling my body propelling through the forest and with what I visually see around me.

It’s fun. Not something I do all the time, but if sometimes you want to mix things up, connect to your movements more, or challenge yourself, close your eyes.

Chose wisely and have fun (I don’t think driving a car or juggling kettlebells blindfolded are the smartest ideas, just look at Ricky Bobby)!


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