To Vaccinate or Not?

I jotted down to do a vaccination post and didn’t really give it much thought. But once I began to dig a little deeper, I became intrigued by the concept: to vaccine or not. I never really questioned it thought much about it. Another one of those things we’re told to do, thinking it is to our benefits (like eating rancid inflammatory oils and consuming mass quantities of grains). I’ve been vaccinated my whole life without a thought. Schools are a biggy here. They tell you to get your kid vaccinated, but you have a choice. No one has the legal authority to vaccinate your child without your permission.

Why? Why would we not want to have our children vaccinated? Let’s get it out of the way first, many link vaccinations with autism. That in itself is scary. But are vaccinations really as miraculous as we’ve been led to believe? Where is the hard core proof that they are benefiting us? There have been no long-term studies proving superior benefit of vaccinated kids vs. non-vaccinated children. Add to this that there are examples of vaccinated children still contracting the disease they’re supposed to be immune to. Don’t forget we are putting something man made and genetically engineered into our systems (with added stabilizers and preservatives like formaldehyde, lead and aluminum). For what? We’re shooting it right into our bloodstreams and bypassing our natural immune response. There are so many vaccines, too. Thirty years ago we only had 4 vaccines. Now we have 37 to 50! Do we need all these? Especially in some instances, where we create one because a few are at risk. So we put all our children at risk when we could just do some screening to identify at risk children. The Smallpox Vaccine Program at 2003 had 3 people die out of 36, 000 that were vaccinated (even though we told the risk was one or two in a million). Besides that 1 in 583 had serious reactions; brain swelling, heart inflammation, and heart attacks. It is actually difficult to get a full spectrum on the percent of adverse reactions to vaccinations because 90 to 99% are not reported.

Are we living and hoping based on exaggerated beliefs? Well vaccinations cured the world of smallpox. Was smallpox already on its way out the door? Is it more complex: better sanitation, etc? When only 10% of the world was vaccinated from smallpox, can we really hale it as a miracle? Is it a money issue again? The CDC recommends we should all get the flu shot every year, is it helping. I have never gotten a flu shot and I have not gotten the flu in over five years. I do, however, know several people who have gotten flu shots, and still gotten the flu. Our bodies are natural healers. Maybe we should focus on our health, especially our immune health. How often does disease start in the gut? How many of us have truly healthy flora systems? Start there. Start while you’re pregnant. Start before you’re pregnant. Start now, take your immunity and health into your own hands.

The bottom-line is what do you believe? It is your life and your family, but do know that you do have a choice. If you going to withhold your child from vaccinations, though, take the proper steps. There are 3 types of exemptions: religious, medical, and philosophical. File one and move on (do, do the paperwork though so you don’t get slapped with being a negligent parent). The choice is up to you.


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