Mental Cleanse: Inspired Sleeping

This morning after my har har meditation, I decided to click some of the recommended vlogs by Gabrielle Bernstein (she is one of my current favorites after reading Add more ~ing and following her on my social media). I right about the importance of sleep all the time but I love Bernstein’s spiritual approach to sleep. I highly recommend watching the video, but if you can’t get it to upload or need a visual, here are the important pointers I took away:

  •  Waking refreshed and energized keeps our energetic vibration higher. We can then receive and attract more
  • Whereas if we’re groggy and grabbing the coffee to get through we are deflecting potential greatness
  • we’re happier
  • more inspired
  • creative
  • Let Go before you sleep: mediate, read kind books and BE at peace.
  • Mentally cleanse before bed

Don’t have time for more sleep? I love what Gabby says: There is always enough time if you want to create it.


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