MOW: Steak Dinner

SAMSUNGJust a review, MOW stands for Meal of the Week. I have been having some awesome eating experiences lately! The other day I wrote about family dinner, but last week mom and I enjoyed a tremendous dinner with our friends Steve and Mary (who I guess are like family too). They are just fabulous and I am so grateful for not only their generosity, but their general presence in my life (they’re the one’s who took me to my first cow drive). We took hours to dine, chat, watch The Secret and just enjoy each others company. Mary made us the beautiful dinner, which I had to share with everyone. Eating can be simple. Just real food that tastes great. Here we have steaks (which you can see mom thoroughly enjoyed), mushrooms and some grass-fed butter. A REAL delicious meal.


  • Steaks
  • Kerry Gold Butter
  • Mushrooms
  • salt and pepper to taste

To Make: Season steaks. Broil. Now I like my steaks rare, so Mary cooked mine about 7 minutes on each side. For the others to get a more medium rare, she cooked them about 10 minutes on each side. While that was going on, she cooked the mushrooms down in a large cast iron skillet with the butter. Simple! Serve and enjoy each others company and nutritious food. 017

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