Healthy Heat: Spice up Your Life

I have really come to enjoy food with a kick. I haven’t always been this way and anyone knowing me when I was younger would be floored to know about my current love of pepper-filled meals. I like a kick in your pants. Where initially you may think, man that’s got a little heat, and then it keeps sneaking up on you. Eating spicy food may be good for you as well, here are some potential benefits to adding some spice to your meals:

  • better healing (notable the yellow spice turmeric)
  • better sleep patterns (easier time falling asleep, as well as easier time waking and more energy)
  • better circulation due to increased temperatures
  • More palatable= it tastes better
  • Could boost metabolism
  • Capsaicin is more thermogenic (calorie burning)
  • Cultures who eat spicier foods have lower rates of heart attacks and stroke
  • lower blood pressure
  • better digestion (increased blood flow to the stomach)
  • antioxidants and therefore more inflammation fighting
  • Breathe better by unclogging nasal passages

Start with a little heat and gradually pick it up as you adopt. Experiment with different flavor profiles and try it on different foods (for examples I put a twinge of chili on my apples along with cinnamon and unrefined sea salt). Have fun!



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