Positive Reinforcement

Yesterday I experienced this amazing sense of energy, I began to develop this blog in my head about the empowerment for my personal blog. This morning I experienced the strength of group empowerment. I think working out with others is a great thing. It encourages us to do/be better often times (so long as we don’t go the opposite direction and let comparisons kill us). Each class develops a unique dynamic with all the individuals values each person brings to the group.  What I’ve come to realize is we hold an unbelievable amount of power ourselves. We sometimes don’t see how our words can effect. We have the power to create a positive energy or a negative one.

Telling someone they are fat, ugly, stupid, or worthless is not going to develop confidence or self-worth in someone. Encourage someone. Give them your power. Tell them they’re great. That they’re strong. That they’re beautiful. That they’re smart and you’re more likely to build someone’s confidence. Think how good it feels when someone compliments you? How do you feel? Do you feel better about yourself? Do you lighter, happier? What’s great is that, like laughter, compliments and empowerment are FREE. You lose nothing, you sacrifice nothing by encouraging someone else. You and the recipient can only benefit.

This morning I witnessed this in action. We finished the workout with planks. Go as long as you can. The record is three minutes. Once everyone else dropped, the others quickly realized Rhonda was still going. The energy then became palpitatable. You can feel it, as the others gathered around to encourage Rhonda on. Building and instilling confidence. Not concerned that they were done. Not letting pride get in the one. They were right there to pick her up and give a gentle willing push to make it a full three minutes. Past any previous record. Past self-induced limitations. It was just magical to watch.

It’s motivating. We all have this ability to empower. To make ourselves and others better. Just by encouraging. Stay positive and believe in others (as well as yourself)!

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