Laugh Out Loud: Literally it’s Good for You

Life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it. ~L.M. Montgomery

Children laugh 400 to 500 a day, while us adults laugh a dreary 18 times a day! That folks is sad, no wonder we’re so depressed, uptight and stressed out. We need to take the stick out of our ass a little bit. I’ve recently read two radical books by Brene Brown (highly recommend reading her works) and she got me thinking. One of her qualities of people living more Wholeheartedly is laughter, singing, and dancing. Sometimes we feel a little self-conscious letting out a belly full of laughter. Or we maybe even feel guilty or shame about expressing such joy. Like some internal know-it-all telling us we are not entitled to be so happy. We doubt that we deserve the laughter. I have felt this backlash. High on thinking and full of confidence, gradually closing in the like gets like positive attraction. People don’t want to see how happy you are, I’ve heard. I confess this really upset me at the time. How sad that we hope for such bad things. We don’t have enough or we’re not enough so we can’t be happy for others and they’re successes. It’s a bunch of bullshit. We need to learn/believe we are enough. That this moment is precious and we can be happy NOW. Happiness is not outside of ourselves or our current moment. Make the best of what you have right now. Let out a laugh!Lately when I let a laugh take over, I take note. How freeing and content I feel. How GOOD it feels.  It is more than just feeling happy, though. There are some real benefits to laughing:

  • lower blood pressure
  • increased blood flow
  • workout for your diaphragm, abs, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles (actually laughter is comparable to regular exercise)
  • increased energy
  • decreased pain (maybe that’s why I have a tendency to laugh when experiencing pain, oh well it does make me feel better)
  • decreased stress hormones like cortisol
  • increased response to tumor and disease-killing cells
  • enhanced immunity
  • Optimizes hormones (don’t forget it all comes back to hormone balance)
  • increased learning and memory
  • increased creativity and alertness because you use your whole brain! (left to analyze, right to ‘get’ the joke, visual in the occipital lobe to create an image, limbic emotional center to make you happier and motor sections of the brain let us actually laugh and smile)

You know what’s really great about laughing? It’s FREE! Plus think of how it makes not only you feel, but the people around you.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. ~Victor Burge is crazy infectious, I cannot not laugh when my brother Cliff gets going. It is humanly impossible for me. Laughter brings us together, it draws us in. We are attracted to happy people. What makes you laugh? My friends and family, any movie with Will Ferrel (this is my favorite scene of his EVER), my nephews (kids are hilarious no wonder they laugh so much more, they don’t give a shit), signs. The list goes on and on. I can’t help but laugh every time I see this poster about giggling, my friends go into our own giggling fit whenever we pull it up. Another great thing is we ALL have our own individual sense of humor. Find what makes you laugh out loud! Maybe try a 30 Day Laughter Challenge.

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