Featured Food: Buffalo Tallow

Two weeks ago I covered buffalo milk, now onto the fat. Sometimes grass-fed meats can be very lean. Where is all the fat-soluble vitamins (A and D) then? Wellness meats now sales bison fat. One pound costs $6.95 and you can render your own into tallow (tallow because it comes from a remnant). I like the idea of buffalo tallow, because buffalo spend their lives on grass, in addition to not being given drugs, chemicals or hormones. Besides getting your fat-soluble vitamins, you will also see:

  • it has more CLA
  • it has more iron
  • less calories
  • more B12
  • and more essential fatty acids

If you know a buffalo farmer have at it. If not I recommend Wellness Meats, I’ve ordered from them before and I cannot rave enough about them.

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3 Responses to Featured Food: Buffalo Tallow

  1. jsresults says:

    What’s your take on CLA? Some people swear by it.

    • bodychangetrainers says:

      I think CLA is great if you’re getting it from its natural sources. I am not big on supplements- pharmaceutical fish oil is the only thing I take. There is no quick fixes or miracle drugs. Health is a balance of several variables (sleep, stress, eating, exercise) so I don’t personally believe one thing will magically change us. We need a balanced lifestyle change because the body is more complex than one temporary solution. Plus I believe eating is an art and an exercise. I think its important to eat real food with real nutrients so they can interact together naturally. Therefore to get CLA I look for quality grassfed products and I get quality fats (raw butter coming from grassfed cows). I hope this answers your question!

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