On Your Feet

I sit too much. There I said, but unfortunately so does most of the population. We’ve gone from roaming hunter-gatherers to a nation of couch potatoes, with readily available food and an abundance of distractions. After my meditation today, I am revved to live life doing my best. Therefore when setting out to do some studying today, I utilized one of the post I’d written before about standing. Standing desks are on the rise. But I, Brittany, tend to be an extremist, so I couldn’t just stand (although standing would be sufficient). Note the picture of above. Also realize I am a notorious multi-tasker. As much as I love to relax and meditate, I am frequently doing several things at once. Watching t.v. and reading, walking and typing, etc. (I’m working on it, but I should note in conversation I rock at just listening and absorbing).  This picture I took right before I began typing. I love walking and hiking. On a drizzly day like today, setting up a desk on the treadmill is a perfect way to get a walk and some work. Win, win I know! I am also am aware that having a treadmill desk is not accessible in most office/business settings. Even standing desks are not always available. But if you can move more or stand more, here are some reasons why.

  • sitting leaves us all hunched and slouched. Standing tall however causes us to use our backs. It engages the core and the glutes (yep helping towards a tight little booty) as well.
  • Burns more calories. Yep just by getting to your feet you can increase your calorie expenditure.
  • Better Metabolism
  • Keeps blood circulating
  • Better focus
  • Alertness (and I’ll testify walking and typing keeps you on your toes- don’t want to fall off)
  • Increased activity level
  • Fight fatigue

Persistent sitting is actually associated with a greater risk for heart disease. Now I’ll give my personal experience. I’m a weirdo and love a challenge so walking and typing is a fun challenge for me. I feel better and more energized for being more active while I’m working. My body likes it. It wants to go and move, it really doesn’t like sitting around and I don’t like the feeling either. My legs often have a mind of their own they want to wander and be utilized. Better for your body, attention, and more calories burned, sounds pretty impressive! Just start by being more aware and seeing ways in which you can begin standing more.

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2 Responses to On Your Feet

  1. jsresults says:

    I really really really like this post. I can’t stand sitting for an extended period of time. One thing I have noticed or atleast feel like is better digestion when I stand rather then sit. Maybe it is just me or just in my head. BTW that treaddesk looks CRAZY lol

    • bodychangetrainers says:

      Thank you so much, I love it when I feel like I can connect and share about health with others! It makes putting yourself out there worth the vulnerability. And I don’t think the digestion bit is all in your head either (maybe elongating yourself rather than being hunched over helps with this too)

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