Featured Food: Buffalo Milk

Pinned ImageIt really shouldn’t surprise me that there is such a variety of potential butter and fats out there. It also shouldn’t surprise me that many are more nutritional than the ones massed produced in the US. Buffalo milk is quite popular in India, but when I searched buffalo milk the first thing to pop up was a brand sold in England (hmm… just thought about that, India was part of England and has been influential there. Actually I believe England’s national dish is an Indian one). As you’ll notice buffalo milk is known for its pure startingly whiteness. Nutritionally:

  • rich in iron
  • phosphorus
  • more vitamin A
  • 40% more protein than cows milk
  • 58% more calcium
  • antioxidants: tocopherol

It is said to be quite tasty, being picked over goat and cow’s milk in flavor. Its higher concentration of solids, again makes it great for yogurts and cheeses. With this exclaimed devine tastes, I think it would make a bomb butter!

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