Om what?

I know the om is typical cliche let’s jest about meditation, but what is om? Why are these enlightened individuals repeating it? Why should you, why should I start practicing?

Sorry but it’s going to get deep quickly. Om is associated with the first sound. It is actually said that creation itself was set in vibration with om. Now I’m not saying you have to change your beliefs, but rather just presenting a little back lighting. ‘Pranava’ meaning sustains life and runs through breath, is also used to represent om. Embracing the sound could potentially:

  • remove worldly thoughts
  • initiate more vigour
  • give strength and power

Now when resiting it’s important to feel what your saying, just going through the motions and trying is not going to deliver the peace of mind your seeking. Feel infinite. Feel pure. Feel perfect. Feel eternal. Feel free.

Let us look at the symbol for om itself. The symbol represents supreme being. The A represents the waking state. U shows the dream state. The M represents deep sleep. Lastly the surrounding space represents silence and ‘turiya’ the perfect state of bliss.

Saying om is just like anything else, try it. If it works for you great, if not, search for something that brings you peace. You never know unless you try. Happy meditation!


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