Yoga and Meditation

Is it really a shocker that my exercise post I chose to relate to meditation is yoga? Yoga is a matter of physical, emotional, an mental balance. Meditation is one of yoga’s 5 principles. Because meditation can help control and relax our bodies, allowing us to connect to not only our surrounding but what is internally going on with ourselves. There are all kinds of way to meditate. As with diet, exercise, and lifestyle in general, it is about what works best for you. What allows you to connect. What allows you to relax. What centers you. That being said there are several techniques you can chose to explore: concentration, mindfulness, transcendental, etc. Begin first by finding place for you to meditate. Somewhere where you’re at ease and can focus. Next chose a time. I like to meditate in the morning. My mind is freshest and new, I like starting the day off in a positive mindset. Fin a position. It is better to sit rather than to lie down (laying is close to sleep, this isn’t nap time but meditation time). Sitting should be poised: alert but relaxed. In yoga there are several poses you can try:

Full Lotus Posture (Padmasana)

Half Lotus Pose (Ardha Padmasana)

Burmese Pose

There are other techniques you can use besides just sitting. Tratak helps concentration.. Prop an object (candles are great) about three feet in front of you. Sit unblinking looking at the object. After a minute close your eyes and visualize the candle. Once the image disappears, repeat the practice. Yantras, geometrical diagrams, are others tools used in concentration meditation. Lastly Om:

the eternal world is all, what was, what is, and what shall be

Begin by speaking the (aum), then whispering, then repeating in the mind. Meditation is a great practice for overall health, and with exercise like yoga, you can easily incorporate some meditation in to your daily practice. But as mentioned above, fin what works for you.

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