Meal of the Week: Flavored Ghee

I have decided to make Saturday’s Meal Day. My Saturday posts tend to be sporadic and inconsistent (Saturday’s definitely suffer identity crisis so I’m taking care of that by giving it a purpose). Monday through Thursday I don’t mind sharing research, facts and inspiration but Saturday’s should be application. Okay this, this and this is what I should be doing and now here I am doing it. Applying the teaching. Doing my best. Nourishing the body. This first meal may be a bit controversial, I admit, but it just tastes so good. I’d seen on Pinterest several months ago flavored butters, on a whim I decided to make my own concoction. Here is the result:

Triple Threat Fat Spread

To Make: I had a tiny bit of tallow left over so this was probably 10% tallow, 30% coconut oil, and 60% ghee. Of course all these numbers can be adjusted according to your own stocks and tastes. Of course if you want to use raw grass-fed butter (good luck finding it, those damn state laws. Insiders hint: go for it. All I did was process it all and put it back in the ghee container. Now normally I don’t refrigerate coconut oil or ghee, but the use of my beloved garlic made me think I should put it in the frig. Next time I’m aiming for a roasted pepper blend! Creating your own flavored fats is an easy way to get variety and a layering of rich flavors. I thinly sliced my meat (here is the controversial part. I ate mine raw. Of course it was wild deer or I would use grass-fed beef. I wouldn’t really recommend using commercial grain-fed beef. If you’re uncomfortable eating raw then cook it, thinly slice it and dip), used chopped sticks and dipped it into melted concoction. It was so flavorful and rich, served alongside my favorite cabbage. This meal was unbelievably tasty and primal. If you want to make it strict Paleo cut out the ghee and blend the coconut and tallow.


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