Full Body Workout: Dance Benefits

Publication2I had a hard time just picking one or even three pictures for that matter. How can you decide upon something so diverse. So many genre. So much creativity. Something so universal. Something so traditional. Just think every culture is linked with some form of dancing.Hell some archaeologists estimate dance has been around for over 1.5 million years. I had to write about dance today after a music filled Monday and Tuesday because they go hand and hand. Plus I mentioned the other day I’ve been thinking about dancing after reading Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection. Brown claims dancing is full-body vulnerability and she is absolutely right. You are exposed when dancing. Expressing yourself and what you feel. It’s easy to feel self-conscious like someone is watching thinking, ‘Man they can’t dance.’ But as I’ve often expressed on my personal blog:

There is no such thing as not being able to dance. EVERYONE can do it.

It is an expression of yourself. How can that be wrong? Conformity is the only tragedy here. Sure there are people who excel at dancing, who you watch and they make you want to move or just watch in open-mouthed awe. But that is what art has become for me. It’s not about something being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ its about eliciting an emotion. I watch people in admiration who put it all out there. I remember being at the library, and everyday this girl would be on the 15 minute computer rotation, music blasted and performing her heart out for all the library patrons to watch. I didn’t judge, I thought she was bad ass for not caring, I envied her. Play and fun are just as important to life and health as anything else. Dance is a part of that. Besides being fun, mood boosting, and giving a sense of well-being there are physical benefits as well (dancing is mind/body harmony after all).

  • Full range of motion and MOVEMENT
  • Reduce stress (if you’re fully letting go. Worrying what others are thinking of your moves, I think just makes you more anxious)
  • Quality time with friends and family
  • Concentration
  • Flexibility
  • Memorization (a positive for your brain)
  • Anticipation and Adaption (if you’re dancing with someone else you’re kept on your toes, ready to make a move once your partner does)
  • Coordination
  • Strength (in my party days I learned this. Dancing in heels is a workout. Plus have you checked out a dancers bodies and some of the moves they pull you need some major strength)
  • Endurance
  • Cardio training
  • Balance
  • Social Health
  • Cognitive (smarter). A study showed that dementia patients who frequently participated in dance had less incidences of dementia. You can see where dance could benefit the brain. Thinking on your toes and making rapid fire decisions to move could encourage new neuron connections)

So lets some this up. Dancing not only can promote a smoking hot body, but it can make you smarter and happier. Dancing could in essence make you more attractive. I can attest watching someone who’s confidant and breaking it down on the dance floor is hot. But to close I want to go back to a post I did influenced by the Fourfold Path to Healing. It said that changing the way we move can change the way we feel or think. Throw your shoulders back and hold your head up high and you’re more likely to be more confident than moping around, shoulders hunched trying to be invisible. Unsure? Try it yourself.

So DANCE. My friends and family get on me sometimes because I frequently have my own playlist running through my mind, so it’s not uncommon to see me with a little more hop in my step or dancing and snapping through a parking lot or up a mountain. Dancing is a  release for me. It connects me back to my body. It lets me get rid of my problems and just reconnect. It makes me feel alive!

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One Response to Full Body Workout: Dance Benefits

  1. rmedina49 says:

    DANCE rocks! I’m so glad you posted this! Very good blog and photographs

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