Turn it Up! Workout Playlist

Specialize in customizable headphones and speakers and offer a unique experience in the way you listen to music. http://launchgrowjoy.com/origaudio/#Yesterday we discussed music and it’s importance. Today we will see what gets you going because music has the potential to increase exercise output by as much as 15%! In today’s world its in the Playlist. Actually looking at someones IPod can tell you a lot about that person, it can define us. For me though my actual list of songs varies from my workout list of songs. I had to cut out the country and Celine Dion and think of the music that excites me. Because that’s what a workout song should do: make you want to get up off your ass and move.  I searched for workout playlist and I have to admit on all the health sites (Women’s Health to Self) I didn’t like any of the complete list. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum you had the men list which were a bit heavy/angry. I like rock when I lift, but I am not an angry person (hello my friends used to call me Switzerland) so yelling and screaming just doesn’t get me going. I like a an old rock anthem, something with a beat. So I have compiled my own fun playlist (because in the mist of my often serious posts its relieving to share something fun and inject a bit of myself because play is important to health and like Winnie the Pooh said in the Tao of Pooh: Life is Fun. What’s the point in a healthy life if it is boring and lacking in excitement?). Plus we want that workout that is going to provide the most benefit! So here is my list of workout songs. What would be on yours? Need help? The site Hellasound.com can help create a custom playlist for you.

Brittany’s Let’s Move It Workout Playlist:

Survivor: Burning Heart

Alex Clare: Too Close

Nirvana: Come As You Are

Mariah Carey: Heartbreaker

Evanescence: Going Under

Foster the People: Houdini

John Mellencamp: Jack and Diane (what can I say I’m an Indiana girl!)

Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane

Boston: More than a Feeling

Whitney Houston: I wanna Dance with Somebody

Lady Gaga: Just Dance

Europe: Final Countdown

Janelle Monae: Cold War

Queen and David Bowie: Under Pressure

Flo Rida: I Cry

Eminem: Till I Collapse

Florence and the Machines: Drumming Song

Madonna: Into the Groove

Michael Jackson: Bad

Billy Idol: Rebel Yell

The Beatles: Day Tripper

Bruno Mars: Locked Out of Heaven


Led Zeppelin: Immigrant Song

Three Days Grace: Pain

Bon Jovi: Livin on a Prayer

The Gap Band: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Guns N’ Roses: Welcome to the Jungle

Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock

Van Halen: Jump

Alright I think that’s enough for one day the list could go on and on. This is what I like, what would be on your Playlist?


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