Get into the Groove: Musical Benefits

record store owner.This post is coming late, but I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to write about. But of course when you’re open and aware, life will direct you where to go. Currently this very moment I am watching Here Comes the Boom, when it clicked that I should write about music and health. Of course music can encourage a radical workout session, but it also has a smorgasbord of other magical possibilities.  I am passionate about music. I love to sing (I’ve been caught red-handed several times in my car belting out a mind-blowing singing performance- yes performance- I don’t know who’s in the audience, but I give a show), I love to listen to music, I love to dance (I actually just wrote a personal blog inspired by Brene Brown’s writing. Dancing is full-body vulnerability) which is a workout on its own. Granted I enjoy all these things but my musical talents are definitely not going to win me a singing competition or tour with Beyoncé, but it makes me happy. Nor have I ever touched a musical instrument (doesn’t mean I don’t respect them- drums hold a soft spot in my heart). But its more than that. Music is memorable. Hearing certain songs can make a video of a fun (crazy) time play on my mind movie screen. Good times with my friends, dancing and laughing. Holidays dancing around the record playing stereo with my family. Taking me back to a mountain, to challenges and a life worth living. Reminding me of my connections to others. It can soothe and put me at ease. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors puts me in a yoga flow. It can fire me up for a workout. Classic rocks gets my adrenal umping and reading to lift. What is great is that music is something special for each individual person. My taste is eclectic and varied with my moods for instance. Is it really any wonder then that music is used as therapy?  There is more, actual research on the health benefits of music:

  • Associated with better verbal memory
  • Distracts from pain
  • Psychology and aging found lifelong musicians have better sound processing
  • Finnish researchers focused on music aiding in stroke recovery
  • It can decrease anxiety
  • Mental sharpness
  • Studies with cancer patients listening to music or engaged in music therapy had decreased anxiety
  • TIME reported music could decrease stress during surgery (ha makes me think of my college days watching Nip Tuck with them selecting music before going into operate)
  • Linked with the heart. JOYFUL music (because the opposite poses a negative reaction) can dilate blood vessels inner lining, meaning more blood flow
  • Can boost a workout and output by as much as 15%

To some of the less drastic examples I can testify. To the soothing mental clarity. Music does have the power to heal. I think back to the small thoughtful little book I read: If I Stay. It helped Mia recover from losing her family. In moving on with life. It connected her and linked her to her boyfriend and first love. Music can bring us together. It can liven and save a party. It encourages our creativity. It allows us to express ourselves in all forms: performing, singing, dancing, listening. Stay tuned for more music posts this week!



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