Everything has Counted, Everything Will Count

This beautiful piece is written by Doctor Ramesh Tank. Enjoy it, he is a wise man!

Hi everyone. I just wanted share my experiences and thoughts with you. It hope it will be helpful to you.

I have had weight problems in the past and I have experienced many difficulties with getting into shape. I have tried many programs the last 25 years. I always wondered why I could not get good results. Why they worked on others, but why not me?!

Now I know. The most striking element was my lack of adequate belief and understanding, my unwillingness to follow guidelines and reluctance to make optimal actions   Like Jim always says, “If you don’t follow all the imageguidelines of fishing, you won’t catch the fish!”

So if you have difficulties getting your desired results, don’t give up. Follow the guidelines precisely. Do everything your guide asks you to do without any doubt. Keep doing it. And don’t expect to see results in a short time. You didn’t gain weight overnight or in a few days or a few weeks. It took months and years. So similarly it may take a longer time to get results.

Everyday practice doing better. Even thinking about doing better helps. Like Dr. Wayne Dyers says, “If you think about not eating sugar and eat it anyway, you are still on the right track.”

These persistent actions will bring you results sooner or later. Remember every wrong thing you did was counted to contribute to your weight gain and every good thing you will do will be counted to get results.

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