Date Night

Something I got from Mark Sisson’s is the benefit of play. Before I read Primal★ Blueprint I hadn’t thought about play being a puzzle piece to health. I was finishing college, headed towards being an ‘adult’ long past the days of playing. But then I read his book and other patterns in my thought flow, let it click that Mark was on to something. Growing up that’s all we did. We were outside running our hearts out or inside exercising our imagination with toys. Why when we grow up do we lose the concept of play. Life becomes so serious, we become serious. Where is the fun? Play is great to unwind. Chronic cortisol levels and non-stop stressing is killing us (literally). We need play. Besides the mood boosts, play does a number on helping the brain and neuron connections. In a relationship play can be seen as dating. How often do we date after we make the commitment? Dating is a fun way to connect/reconnect to each other. Quality us time. And it doesn’t have to be outlandish or expensive. Its the experience and time that matters most. Learning and growing together. I’ll warn you I tend to be a hopeless romantic so this list are ones that excite me, but each couple is different. With different interests. Just be creative. It could include something exercise based like yesterday too, even more benefits!

Spice It Up: Date Options

Open Mic Night

Hit Up a Karaoke Bar  Sing your hearts out at a karaoke bar. Down a couple of drinks for courage while you peruse the song list. Belt out a crowd-pleasing favorite together, and then judge everyone else's performances à la Simon Cowell.

Free Outdoor Concert

Free Outdoor Concerts - Relationship Advice: 40 Free Date Ideas - Shape Magazine - Page 3

Game Night

Sometimes, all you need to turn up the romance dial is a little bit of fun, says Larson. Good, old-fashioned Twister fun. Larson spotted this idea on You+Me where a duo turned their backyard into their very own game. When his hand is on red and your leg is on green, there's sure to be some romance in between.


If only he knew it was this easy!!       drive-in movie - this would be fun for date night with even just a laptop or i-pad movie!

Bike Ride

Love the dress !

Indoor Fort

Book Club

this will be me and my guy.

Go for a Hike

on the rock...

Go to the Market

Go to the Playground


Go Sledding

Go Sledding

Cloud Watching

Cloud Watching - Relationship Advice: 40 Free Date Ideas - Shape Magazine - Page 25

Learn Something New: Cooking Class

cooking date!!

Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed

See Love has such potential. Fun, play, kissing, sex, hugging, feel good hormones, immune boost, heart health, a longer life, emotional fulfillment, endorphins, physical health, appreciation. A shared life can be challenging, but when in balance, love makes life better!

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