Working Out Together

Crossfit CoupleExercising with someone else or a group is always a great motivator, but in the midst of a love-filled week, working out with your significant other is a real boost too. Actually practicing healthy life style habits together makes it easier to stay focused. You feed off each others success. The house is filled with healthy foods. Rather than when only one member is working on eating, and the others temptations liter the house. Because lets face it, relationships can provide a certain comfort, that is not always good for the body. We work so hard to reel them in, once we get them we tend to relax. We get in a routine and sometimes, its not a good routine. Therefore focusing together on incorporating healthy habits can be not only motivating, but fun. Part of this can be exercising together. It can have not only a physical, but emotional positive impact. How?

It can provide feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit, and shared passion.

Not to mention the racing endorphins afterwards, providing a real power boost. That walk you had planned alone, can now be fun, with shared company. Workouts can become a shared ‘us’ time. Quality time spent together, working towards a positive goal. Not to forget the benefits of exercise: better sleep, less stress, and a sharper brain.

There are all kinds of workouts you can do together: a nice friendly run, yoga, biking, swimming, lifting, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding. Be creative and energize each other!I've seen some of this in person. You can perform some amazing stretches. @Jonathan Ruèl //couple yoga <3

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