Love Potential

It’s that time of year which I can use as an excuse to dedicate a week of posts Dance with me till the end of time talking about the positive side of life: LOVE! Now of course Valentine’s focuses on romantic love but we will explore love in all it’s realm. After reading Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer, my thoughts on love have changed. Beginning by incorporating the idea of one love. Loving everyone. Expressing my love for everyone. Moving to self love. Truly looking in the mirror and loving the person you see, regardless, unconditionally as is. Perfectly imperfect. To love anyone and to change myself I had to start with me, Brittany. Making each day a daily commitment to myself, just like a romantic love and partnership. Life and relationships are full of ups and downs. We’re constantly faced with challenges, but how we cope and grow are what matters. Love is commitment. Growing together, balance.

Being in a loving relationship can be greatly beneficial to your health, but just like life it has a balance. There is a dark side to love, so even though it can heal it can destruct. It can bring more anxiety or put us at ease. It all depends. I should really say that love has potential. It has the potential to reduce stress in our life. Studies have shown 4 to 7 days of separation from a partner could raise cortisol and worsen sleep. I don’t need a study to know this, I’ve seen it with my own parents. After 33 years of marriage, being separated has taken a toll on their sleep habits. A week reunited over the Holidays provided an instant boost in sleep satisfaction (maybe that’s why my father’s definition of home has changed to wherever my mother is). This love and compassion does more. The provided joy can provide bodily function improvement: immune boost and the trust allows for a better belief in the body’s ability to heal (disease battling potential). Maybe that’s why being in an intimate loving relationship is associated with living longer. Think about. It may be cliche, but don’t we all want to be loved? To fit in? To feel appreciated? Even in an effort to be ‘tough’ subconsciously it is there, real vulnerability.

100 ways to make your marriage rockLove is a key ingredient in the life recipe. It provides community, social support, health and survival. In every book and movie, love is the strongest power. Always winning out over evil. One of my favorite things from Dr Dyer is that fear cannot exist in the presence of love. Love allows us to live. To be in the moment. To fearlessly take on life and live it to the fullest. This is only the beginning for this week, but already love has the promise for us to live longer, heal ourselves, boost mood, and decrease stress. Love is just more than romance and saying I love you. Its a way of living, of being. Spread the love because like the Beatles’ s said all you need is love.


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  1. jsresults says:

    Love 🙂 Great post!

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