Featured Food: Quail Eggs

Pinned ImageOnce again I found myself drown to a food I saw on Pinterest and I’m learning that even though I know about many of these foods, I am a toddler in the realm actually trying them. Don’t get me wrong the foodie in me wants to be an adventurer of the worlds cuisines. I remember when I was younger seeing quail eggs in movies (I think I mainly recall a MK and Ashley movie) where the youngster is served quail eggs to the effects of yuck! Back then I probably would have thought the same thing, but I have grown in my willingness to try new foods (plus growing up with hunters new game and eggs are tantalizing). Not only do I now find quail eggs to be pretty with their speckled shell, but I know they have some serious health potential. Let’s compare the quail egg first to America’s dominate egg, the chicken:

  • more protein
  • more B1
  • twice the amount of vitamin A
  • double the amount of B2
  • 5 times the levels of iron and potassium
  • more phosphorus
  • more calcium

Have a food allergy or have a child with an egg allergy? The ovomucoid in quail eggs actually makes them antiallergenic. I think another plus in quail eggs corner is that they’ve been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine. If something has withstood the hands of time and is natural, I’m all about it. hey also say quail eggs my strengthen bones, clear out toxins, increase immunity overtime, increase hemoglobin, stimulate the brain and increase sexual potency. Interesting about quail eggs is they are great raw. Lysozymes in them help kill bacteria and resist infection. Look how cute they look too!

Pinned Image

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