Featured Food: Duck Fat

Pinned ImageIf you noticed on Monday’s fat post, I didn’t elaborate on duck fat. I realized I have never covered duck fat and it needed a post all its own. I admit that I regretfully have never used duck fat before (now my wheels spin as to where I can get my hands on some). First all give you the numbers:

  • 35.7% saturates
  • 50.5% monounsaturated
  • 13.7% polyunsaturated

What I really found fascinating however, was the mention of the Gascony region of France.Pinned Image In this beautiful land they lather and drudge food in duck fat, munch on fried duck skin and savor foie gras. Frenchmen there consume twice the amount of foie gras as the rest of France, and 50 times as much as Americans. Health wise, these French are living it up into a ripe old age. Out of 100,000 middle-aged Frenchmen typically 145 die annually of heart disease, in Gascony this number is a mere 80 (in the US it is 315). So even though this region is consuming large quantities of saturated fat, their risk of heart disease is lower. That is a phenomenal thumbs up for fat. Maybe today should have been featured food: foie gras. If you can get your hands on duck fat I think it would be a nice occasional addition (I still love coconut though).

Pinned Image

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