I was going to write a new post on cholesterol, but this is one of my favorite post (maybe that I’ve ever written). Give cholesterol a chance!

Body Change Wellness - Indiana

           Before I get to Heart Disease next week, I am first going to clear the names of some innocent victims who’ve been behind bars for over 40 years for a crime they did not commit. Granted I know it’s a bit dramatic, but it keeps this post from being another bland cholesterol post and it gets my point across (plus it’s true).  I get looks telling people to eat fat, and then I get more raised eyebrows telling them that cholesterol is good for them. Aren’t you worried about your cholesterol levels eating all those eggs? There were times I ate only eggs last summer, a dozen a day, you think I would eat that many if I was? I’ve never had it tested and I probably never will, that would mean that I’d have to go to a hospital or doctor and that’s not happening. Plus it’s not…

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