Superhero Health

342836590353348206_SaQbni8x_cWho doesn’t love superheroes? They save the world. They have super strength. They can fly. They’re fearless. They rid the world of evil. Plus they have super smoking bodies! I confess I love a superhero and a night of the Avengers led to more research and superhero movies. But when I completed Deepak Chopra’s Spiritual Laws to Superheroes I had a different take. Granted much of what I loved was inspirational, there were some solid takeaways to apply to health.

Here is what Deepak said about super health:

They are anchored in total clarity. Because the clear state is so important to superheroes, they do everything to nurture and sustain it. They integrate habits of good physical and mental health. They cultivate their physical well-being through regular exercise and good nutrition, staying ware of what foods agree with their body and make them feel most energetic. In concert with this, they are at all times alert to their mental well-being. This begins with ensuring that sleep is good and restful and, further, that mindbody coordination remains at all times at an optimum level, best achieved through practices such as meditation and breathing techniques.

What in the hell does this mean? Focus on your thoughts. Practice habits that make you happy and allow you to relax and clear your head. From there you can focus on listening to your body and doing what’s best for it, so you can be at peak performance (so you can save the world! or maybe so you can keep up with your grandkids).

One of my superheroes Trenton James with Super Jacki

…A relentless swirl of biological and psychological transformation raging within you. You are not just what you see, but all the personal moments and memories of your history that have culminated in the present moment, as well as the hopes and dreams you carry forward for who you want to be. Be defining yourself by your self-image, the result is a repetition of the same behavior patterns over and over again….when the reflection is not something you like, the consequence is poor self-esteem and the perpetuation of a person you yourself do not believe.

Basically when you rely on the mirror beating yourself up defining yourself as fat, chubby, ugly, you will just keep repeating the same habits and cycles. Realize you are always changing (your body at 20 is not remotely the same to the one you have at 45) and at any moment you can stop defining yourself by the limited image you see in the mirror and you can begin treating yourself like a superhero. transcending the labels and self judgement.

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