Goal Setting: Obtaining in 2013

I kind of touched upon this on Wednesday and in October my inspiring cousin Jacki wrote a guest post on the subject (click the link it can change your life), now is the time for goals to take the spotlight. Resolutions are everywhere! Health and weight loss are stars in the resolution world. So you have a new year. An awareness to make this YOUR year. Your healthiest year. To rock your most smoking hot body. So how do we set goals? How do we obtain them?

Set the goal: make the goal specific to you. Your needs. The percent you want to be. The weight you want to be. See it, envision it in your head. Feel it. How will you feel at this goal. Write it down. Create a resolution (mood, goal, dream) board or album. Keep it present in your thoughts in your sight. Tell someone. Tell everyone. Make yourself accountable to your goals.

Keep it realistic: I am a firm believer that nothing is impossible for myself, but I also know realistic goals. In weight loss 1-3 pounds a week is healthy. Can you lose more than that? Absolutely, but for the most part a consistent weight loss is better than a quick fix. This 1-3 pounds usually ensures you’re losing fat. Many conventional diet programs or fixes make you lose muscle tissue (it could be an average of 40%). If this happens are you really changing? Yes you’re getting smaller, but you’re just become a smaller pear or apple. You’re not toning or gaining definition. I have women all the time who want the flat stomach to know their abs are there. You have to be a certain percentage to see stomach definition. Granted for some pear-shaped women (like my mother and me) can see their abs start to take shape in the low twenties, an apple-shaped women needs to be below 18% (closer to 15 really). Take a beginning weight or analysis. From there set weekly goals of 1-3 pounds a week. If you don’t reach your weekly goal, that’s okay reassess and set a new goal.

Do Your Best: I admit sometimes I place a lot of pressure on myself. I am so strict on the program or on being perfect or in doing it for other reasons rather than just being healthy. With this I don’t allow any leeway. I don’t feel like I’m doing my best. Spiral from there into a disappointing loop. Really I just have to remind myself that today-right now- this meal-this workout- I am practicing. I am practicing being healthy. Being fit. All I can then is my best. That way at the end of the week I can’t be let down because there is nothing more I could have done.

Be impeccable: This would be the Just Do It mantra. Tell someone else you’re going to do something. Tell yourself and do it. Make youre word mean something. If you say or write down that today you are going to do kettlebells, do it!

Take one step at a time towards your goals. Like the Tao says:

The tree that fills a man’s embrace begins with a seedling.
A tower nine stories high begins with a single brick.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~Tao Te Ching

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  1. jsresults says:

    Be impeccable 🙂 Love it! Great post!

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