Exercise Basics

Pinned ImageHere at the first of the year I’m going to keep it simple. Yep we are going back to the basics here the first of the year. For those of you new to the site I do have a tentative theme to the blog portion and Wednesday’s are generally exercise based. Today I will cover my basic beliefs on exercise. What to do? How often? How much? Is there such a thing as too much exercise? Paulin Principle’s on Exercise:

  • Lift Heavy
  • Run Fast
  • Slow Aerobic


Lift Heavy: I usually cycle my workouts light, medium, heavy every week. That means 3 lift sessions a week. Once every three months I’ll do a max lift. These sessions are not hour long torture body punishing ventures. My lifts take Pinned Imageless than 20. What that’s less than an hour total of lifting a week? Yes! I’ve always been perplexed at what people do when they’re at the gym for hours at a time beating themselves. Your muscles love rest, so a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine with a day of rest in between is ideal. You can do body weight exercises like pushes or pull-ups, you can do free weights or Olympic lifts. I personally love to train with kettlebells. I’ve used them for 8 years. They’re what I teach my clients. They’re a total body workout. The only lift limitations are your imagination. My favorite exercises include: windmills, Turkish Get-Ups, swings, Squat Presses, and Overhead Lunges.

Run Fast: Confession, I am not a big fan of long distance running, which Mark Sisson’s at the MarksDailyApple refers to it as chronic cardio. Basically too much stress on the body. Raised cortisol levels on a period of time=too Pinned Imagemuch for the body. Chronically high levels of cortisol levels can actually lead to stored fat, not fat loss. Not to mention it inflames the body. Plus all that pounding puts a wear an tear on the body, especially joints. Think would early man really want to be running around all the time? Wouldn’t he want to conserve energy? If he is running nonstop what does he do when a lion attacks? He needs to be on his game. To make fast burst get away. Believe me when I ran cross country, it made my sprints so much slower. I’d have been toast. Therefore I practice these short burst. Once a week (usually on Saturday’s) I run 6, 80 yard sprints. That’s it, again another 20 minute or less spent exercising.

Slow Aerobic: For me this is walking or hiking. It could Pinned Imagebe swimming or biking. Basically a nice even paced movement where your heart rate is not exceeding 75%. This is my longest exercise session. I would recommend 3-5 hours a week, although I admit sometimes I do more than this. Take home message: get moving.

There you have it. Easy exercise itenary for the week would be:

Monday: Light Lift Workout

Tuesday: Medium Walk

Wednesday: Medium Lift Workout

Thursday: Short Walk

Friday: Heavy Lift Workout

Saturday: Sprints

Sunday: Long Walk

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  1. jsresults says:

    This sounds like an awesome plan of attack! Keep up the great work!

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