New Year, New You: Maximizing Your Health in 2013

Pinned ImageNew years are a great opportunity. I’m intoxicated with what they represent. A new you. A new body. A new life. A new outlook. A better you. It’s great timing. After the holidays where we can get a little lax with our focus (myself included), the new year marks a beginning. We can reflect back on the past year and say: what did I like? Where can I improve? Where do I want my life to go? Where do I want my health to go?

We can decide that this year, 2013, is the year. Our year to lose weight. To reach our dream body. To tone. To feel confident. To get stronger. Faster. If we don’t have weight to lose, we can focus on nourishing. On feeding ourselves better. To feeding our families better. So although, most are under the weight loss resolution umbrella, we are all unique. We all have different variations of goals. We envision health differently. We envision our ideal bodies differently. We want different things. Different fitness goals. Different weight and body fat percentage goals. This is what is genius about the new year. The new chapters being written. When we can change our stories and Pinned Imageplotlines. No two-story lines are the same. How do we then keep the enthusiasm which we have on January 1?

Create, this is my ambition of the of the moment. This 2013 is our chance to create the life of our dreams. The body of our dreams. To create we need to have a vision. A direction we want to go. Therefore, first we must establish the goal:

In 2013 I am will reach 15% body fat and maintain it. I will be extraordinarily fit.

Keep the thought in your mind. Picture yourself in the body. Feel it. How does 15% feel? How do your muscles feel? How does your skin glow with health? How light do you feel. How does it feel to be in your clothes? Is your posture better? Are you more confident? Every morning, every evening assert the vision and feeling. Tell yourself I am 15%. Even if you do not currently look 15% and others do not see it, you have to believe it. Keep believing instead of battling or hating your body right now. It is perfect and underneath is the 15% you will obtain. Love it and focus on doing your best. Boom, another key:

Do your best!

If you are doing your best in the gym, focusing on sleeping, on eating, what more can you do? It’s a lifestyle, don’t rush it. Sometimes slow steady, healthy weight loss beats out a fast fix. Sometimes you may lose focus. You may not give 100%. Don’t beat yourself up. The next day and the next meal or the next workout is an opportunity to give it all you’ve got.


Pinned ImageCommit in 2013 to yourself. To loving yourself. To nourishing yourself. Commit to your goals. Do your best and continue to pull on the rope leading yo to your dream life. Commitments are not always easy or perfect. But you can’t just give up on them. If you falter or fight sometimes, recommit and get through. Be married to goals. Let the affirmations you tell yourself: I am 15%, be your vows. Commit to your ‘I do’s’ morning, night and in the face of struggle.

Set a Challenge

I’ve discovered the beauty of 30 day challenges. I just Pinned Imagecompleted a swing challenge and a recipe challenge. What is 30 days in a year or in the scheme of your life. Thirty days is an attainable timeline to dedicate yourself to goals. When you finish you feel relief and proud of accomplishing/finishing what you set out to do. You evaluate how it went. How could you have done better? Maybe set another 30 day challenge and use the evaluation of the first 30 to have a kick ass second month challenge. Not to mention the plethora of challenges we can make for our own individual needs. We can challenge ourselves to: kettelbells, yoga, no sugar, no grains starches or sugars, whole foods, on and on.

Create goals for your dream life. Envision them. Feel them. Commit to them. Do your Best.

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