Recipe #22: Bella Burger

2012-12-24I apologize for the terrible picture, my friend Tab’s house has horrible lighting. As I’ve said I like to make food for other people, I like to take care of people. Tab graciously lets me hang at her house whenever I want. Saturday while she was saving lives (she’s a nurse), I made her dinner for her arrival home. What was on the menu? A hamburger, and I’m such a good friend she came home exclaiming that she had been craving a burger. Now everyone knows I don’t use gluten and Tab loves mushrooms so I subed¬†portabella mushrooms for the buns.

  • Portabella caps
  • Ground Hamburger (I considered making my own but the venison didn’t make the trip out)
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Bacon

To Make: I roasted the mushrooms for a bit in the oven. Note: if I had sesame seeds I would have put them on the top for an authentic feel. The rest is kind of eaters choice. I mixed the hamburger with some Creole seasoning. Melt some cheese. Tab is a tomato junkie so I loaded the bun with them. Crisp bacon. Freshing lettuce. Bam, Bella Burgers!

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