TRX Training

Pinned ImageThe last couple of months I have made a conscious effort to cover a range of different forms of exercises (and given many of them a try of my own). Chandra again helped with this post by telling me about a girlfriend of hers that has been using TRX suspension Training. After reading a little, I have to say if some ropes appeared in my facility I wouldn’t be opposed to giving them a shot. Actually my extreme, sick twisted mind begins twirling with impossible kettlebell exercises to try with them. Hmm… clients should be happy that I have none (as of now). The good things I have to say about them, are the same good things I say about kettlebells (still my weight loss tool of choice):

  • allows you to work in different planes. Really for me this means they’re functional training (mimic movements relevant to life and muscle symmetry). For you just think that they allow you to move front and back, side to side, and rotational. Which is why I hate machines: constraint and non-function.
  • Portable, they don’t take up much space either and you can set them up in a variety of settings (actually they may win in portability because they may be easier to get on a plane than a slew of kettlebells)
  • Core strength, lots of stability and such really target your abdominal.
  • Creativity, just like a kettlebell there are hundreds (if not thousands) of exercises you can perform with them. Your only limitation is your own imagination. Push ups, jumps, one-legged deadlifts, all possible
  • Use your own body weight, even though I’m not going to lie can be a real challenge and whoop your ass. So I would consider this good and bad or love/hate.

Really I think if you have some or your gym does, do your own testing. They hold up to 1400 lbs so go for it, be fearless!

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One Response to TRX Training

  1. Penny Aff says:

    I did a little of the TRX training and I loved it! It was challenging. I still love my kettlebells :))))

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