Health Through Energy: Reiki

I feel doing posts like this I need a disclaimer, but I do like to cover a variety of topics. Hell I’ve done everything from poop to altruism to orgasms! Even though I personally find this fascinating, doesn’t mean that everyone else (that’s okay just hold on I’m sure I will get to a topic you love, especially since I have a weekly pattern: Friday Food Day or Wednesday Exercise day for instance). Really I think the major concern is when you mention spirituality, you toe the line close to religion. The thing with Reiki (today’s topic if you didn’t watch the video), is it is not about religion, although it can be spiritual. It really is for everyone. Let’s dive in and talk about it. Discover what it’s about and just answer questions.

So what is it? Reiki comes from Japan. It looked at as an alternative or assistance healing or relaxation practice. Rei means ‘Higher Power’ and ki means ‘Life Force Energy.’ Boom, this is the nitty-gritty of reiki: energy.

Low Life Energy= Sickness and Stress

High Life Energy= Health and Happiness

Reiki is gentle touch, scoping out your energy. It is more than physical, it is mind, emotion and spirit too. Providing a warming experience or something I found that I liked a: wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Potentially powerful stuff and a potentially radical experience.

When used long-term or with other healing, it is just great for general health. It has/can be used for a variety of conditions (hence it being for everyone): healing, sleep, pain relief, toxin cleansing, immune system support and countering aging. After watching several videos and listening to first-hand experience, it seems like an exhilarating experience. The awareness of Reiki is spreading too, so finding treatments can be easier. One source said in 2007 1.2 million adults had used Reiki that year and it could be found in 15% of hospitals. Really it can’t hurt to try, it’s only touch after all, who knows!


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