Stearic Acid and Saturated Fat Primer

Spoiler alert: my featured food tomorrow is chocolate. With my research I came across the term stearic acid, which I have seen before and I thought I’d already written a post on it, but due to the title and subject of today’s blog I think we all know I discovered that I hadn’t written about it yet. Now while the topic is soon to be at hand is the best time to bring it up. What is it? Basic answer: it’s a saturated fat. Wait, I’m going to advice eating saturated fat? Obviously if you are shocked by this, you are new to this site. In that case welcome and let me introduce you into the wonderful world of fat. The ones that don’t make you fat, don’t cause heart disease, which provide energy and which your body craves . What to keep in mind with saturated fat:

  • They make up 50% of your cell membrane, that mean they provide structure and integrity to your cells
  • Bones, saturated fat is needed to properly incorporate calcium into your skeletal system (they say 50% of your fat intake should be saturated and if you remember the posts from The Fourfold Path to Healing they weren’t kidding)
  • Your heart actually loves saturated fat. It is the fat of choice surrounding this pumping organ, in times of stress this fat can actually be used.
  • Better immunity
  • Antimicrobial
  • Lower Lp(a), which is an indicator of heart disease
  • Needed to utilize essential fatty acids (think omega-3 retention)
  • Neutralize LDL

Very impressive stuff leading us into tomorrow’s post on chocolate (which hint cocoa contains stearic acid).


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