Getting Older

As yesterday was my birthday, it is a perfect time to talk about aging. I have written some fabulous posts on aging before (don’t believe me? Click the blue highlighted word, which means it’s a link). Although it makes me giddy to announce that I am a quarter century old now, I don’t put much into chronological aging. Anti-Aging is part of what we offer. I am also aware, my anti-aging career won’t really start until I’m 50 looking 30. What does someone who’s only 25 years-old know about aging? I’m okay with that, right now I’ll just do the best I can, at the age I am. I joke that I’m only 1/5 of the way through my life because if I continue to take care of myself I could die of old age at 130 to 150 (150 is really more my goal), granted nothing stupid happens (the ancient hundred year turtle dies from a tragic fall and not old age). My favorite book on aging is Hormonal Enhancement.

Is aging a modern phenomena? Before once we showed any decline in performance or health we were dead. Eaten or victim to an accident. So how old is old? Aging can be broken down into chronological and biological. Chronological, that I’ve mentioned, is the one we associate most with. That number where we subtract our birth year from the current year. It really is kind of worthless. Biological on the other hand tells us what we really need to know. It’s about the chemistry in our body. Aging and body decline comes from reactions in our body. There are more reactions breaking down (catabolic) than building up (anabolic). Right now after our twenties we hit a slop of decline. Less muscle tissue. Less hormone function. Less strength. Less speed. More fat mass.Pinned Image

How do we stop this decline? There of course are many variables, the body is a complex system not to be easily tricked. Hormone balance, though, is essential to fighting aging. Eating wise this means controlling insulin (not spiking). Eating plenty of good fats and proteins. And consuming the best sources. Exercise means strength and speed training, assisted by slow aerobic movement (note too much exercise can promote too much cortisol which is not good for your hormones). Sleep! Oh for goodness sake I cannot emphasize this enough. Hormones are restored at rest, so get some shut-eye. Stress management!

Wow, who knew that just my birthday could get so many wheels turning (and I kept it simple, at least by my standards). Inspirationally I have come to realize that my birthday is not a tragedy, but a celebration. A celebration of life. My life. An opportunity to recommit to myself. To living. To living a healthy life. To my future!

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